65 Full-Size Pages of Images from the Raw Project.

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โ€œIf I have to create some raw art, she would not be just my muse, but she would be my Ikigaiโ€

This book is the first step in the creation of a complete series based on raw bodies, raw emotions and raw interactions between an artist and itโ€™s Ikigai, I mean muse ๐Ÿ™‚

Shot in my bare studio with a bare body, but a colourful soul, the shoot 2 is the testimony of what right chemistry can produce in but a brief period of time. (Beware, some shots may be too raw and too moody for viewing comfort of some people. and I LOVE that, this discomfort is what makes the rawness so special. Please be assured that this effect was possible due to the wonder raw artistic chemistry myself and luna share)

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