Frequently Asked Questions

Your most frequent questions answered.

1. I have more than 5 products, (or less than five but more than 1). What product do I order?

If you have upto 10 products, you may select the package by making combinations. For example for 10 products, buy two packages of 5 and for 8 products, buy 1 package of 5 and three packages of 1. We are unable to make any more discount for products less than 10. We have convenient packages for 1,2,5,10,25 and 50 products. If you have more products than 50, please contact us by phone or email and we will make a quote for you.

2. I want to be present in the shoot. Is it possible?

If you have more than 10 products and want to be present in the shoot, you are more than welcome to coordinate with us. If you have less number of products but have some special requirements, please coordinate with us and we will let you know when have slotted your product. Less than 10 products it is at our discretion. However, we know our job and professional results are guaranteed.

3. Where do you shoot? Can I bring the products over?

We shoot in Sydney. You may drop the products, however we can not guarantee entertaining you for very long, as we are usually very busy creating amazing images for you.

4. What else do you shoot?

We specialise in products and lifestyle. Our sister firm Flatwhite Media produces commercials, fashion editorials, corporate videos and any other kind of photography, graphics and websites.

5. Do you shoot outdoors?

We may shoot the lifestyle / glamour product shots in natural or outdoor settings. We are also open to be commissioned for outdoor fashion, editorial or corporate shoots.

6. What if Amazon or Etsy does not accept the shots?

We will reshoot the shot without any charges, however the possibility of such is very rare.

7. How long do you take to deliver images?

We deliver images within 7 days of receipt of the product in most cases. If a product require specific handling, we will let you know asap. If you need images any earlier, please communicate with us.

8. What do you do with the product after the shoot?

We can return the same to you, if it makes economic sense. In cases where the product is confidential/secret we may dispose it as per your instructions (costs payable). In cases it is a regular product and it is not economical to send it back, we may store same and gift it to charities as a gift from your side.

9. My product is unique and it is not out yet. Are my intellectual property rights safe?

If this is the case, you must deal with a company like us. We keep your images confidential and provide images only to people authorised by our client.

10. How do I book a shoot?

Please visit this page to buy your required package. Then ship/post products to us at our address in this site’s footer.

11. What if my product suffers a damage while being photographed?

As per our terms “The user/customer understands that product photography is susceptible to breakage and wear and tear to the product being photographed. We are not responsible for any breakage or wear and tear that your product may suffer when it is stored, handled or photographed by us. You are supposed to provide us full handling instructions and we will try within our means to take care of your product. The 7 days guarantee does not apply in case the product to be photographed is damaged or is not in suitable condition to be photographed or if it suffers any damage after its receipt by us. You may need to provide us with a new product to shoot in such situation. “